A short introduction to the fascinating world of fitness clothing

When someone mentions the word ‘CrossFit’ to you, what typically comes to your mind? Do you picture, as so many people do, huge muscles and intimidating weights, and presume this to be all that it is about? Or are you an experienced fitness enthusiast who has embraced the complete physical exercise philosophy that the term encompasses?

Of course, there’s a good chance that if you are reading this, you won’t know much about it, and the incredible benefits it can bring to your strength, conditioning and all-round fitness.

But you may have recently got into the sport, and might therefore be wondering what you should actually be wearing for it. Would those old running shorts and battered training shoes do the job, or are there somewhat more specialised products that you ought to be picking up?

Are you exercising comfortably?

The first vital thing to mention if you are interested in dressing suitably fori it, is that comfort is absolutely imperative. You’ll quickly get hot when performing WOD’s, so you should be seeking out lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as the ultra-soft tri-blend fabric from which many of Hybryd’s products are made.

Men, then, should be considering items like our T-shirts and vests that offer the perfect fabric and fit for a wide range of motion and excellent ventilation. As for women, the current range of Hybryd clothing includes vests that are as stylish as they are practical for working out, as well as sports bras that offer superb support and minimal friction for high-impact exercise.

Looking lower down the body, we’re also delighted to be able to stock both men’s and women’s shorts and joggers that, again, place the emphasis on fit and comfort for those long training sessions. Finally, whatever footwear you choose should be low to the ground to maximise stability when you’re performing lifts.

Make us your sole choice for Functional Fitness Apparel and gear

As an independent fitness brand based in the UK, we concentrate squarely on the apparel needs of CrossFit customers. Hybryd clothing is synonymous with the best in durability, design and affordability, giving you the utmost confidence for wherever your exercise pursuits take you.

Postage of our Hybryd clothing within the UK is also completely free, so you have even more reason to place your order for any of our comprehensive range of items today!