Heading to the gym doesn’t have to be just about your physical fitness

The last year and a half of intermittent lockdown restrictions and other limits on our lives in response to the coronavirus pandemic have undoubtedly been punishing in more ways than one. Gyms, leisure centres and other fitness venues being closed for extended periods of time hasn’t exactly done a favour to Britons’ waistlines. 

So, it’s hardly surprising that according to one recent poll, half of UK adults weren’t happy with their physical fitness levels. The survey of over 2,000 people – commissioned by industry body ukactive – revealed that a mere 27% of respondents were happy with how fit they were, while the remaining 23% were either unsure or didn’t agree or disagree with the suggestion. 

Concerningly, more than one in four (27%) of those quizzed admitted that they were now less active than they had been prior to the COVID-19 crisis. This compared to the 17% who were now apparently more active than they were before the coronavirus lockdowns, and the approximately half (51%) who claimed their activity levels were the same. 

All in all, fewer than one in three (27%) of us say we are as physically fit as we wish we were. What’s more, of those UK adults expressing unhappiness with their fitness, 12% even said it prevented them from undertaking gentle day-to-day activities, such as showering, getting dressed, and strolling around the house. 

Taking your fitness seriously can be great for both body and mind 

The above clearly spells out a dire situation for great numbers of Britons right now, and we can well understand you resolving to work on your own fitness. However, it is also important not to regard gym attendance purely as a route to enhancing one’s physique. 

In any case, when it comes to putting in place a new exercise regime, we all have different ‘starting points’ – as made clear by the aforementioned survey results – which means we must consider the most appropriate measures for reaching our goals. It isn’t just your current level of physical fitness that you will have to account for, but also such factors as your genetics, sex and age. 

Taking an individual approach to your fitness is vital. That should include matching your exercises to what you actually wish to achieve – so not, for instance, devoting all your time to weights if your ambition is to run for longer. 

A wise strategy for optimising your fitness will also put a big emphasis on measuring your progress against yourself, and not anyone else. 

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