How Hybryd is reclaiming joggers from the world of ‘athleisure’

It’s easy to forget that there was a time, not so long ago, when you really wouldn’t be caught dead wearing joggers in public. Whether you knew these garments as ‘joggers’ or ‘jogging bottoms’, the fact of the matter, as far as many of us were concerned, is that these were items that had originally been designed for people to exercise in; fitness, not comfort or relaxation, was the watchword.

In the space of a few years, though, attitudes have changed a lot to joggers being casually worn on the street. With the rise of the ‘sports luxe’ and ‘athleisure’ aesthetics, it’s now perfectly acceptable to wear joggers for reasons other than an imminent workout.

Now, though, it’s time to get back to those purposeful beginnings…

Here at Hybryd, we have no issues with the fusion of sportswear and streetwear that has become such a popular aesthetic in recent years. Quite the contrary, we love the changes that the mutual influence of these two, formerly separate worlds have helped to bring about for joggers.

Whereas joggers were often once baggy and loose, for example – which probably partly explains how they came to be perceived as a heinous fashion crime in the first place – there’s now much more of a tendency for them to be tapered in the leg.

Such refinements are helping to make both men’s and women’s joggers look sleek, sharp and purposeful… in other words, visually more in line with the exercise-oriented function for which they were designed back in the day. Those lessons were certainly ones we were mindful to apply to our own joggers that you can purchase from the Hybryd online store, and which offer no shortage of comfort, style and performance.

You really don’t need to shop elsewhere for the very best joggers

Whether you’re looking to buy men’s joggers online or are seeking the perfect joggers for a female physique, Hybryd gives you all of the finest options.

Our track joggers, for instance, continue to win acclaim due to their manufacture from CoolFit fabric, their tapered fit and such details as a zip fastening at the ankle, two zip pockets and an elasticated waistband.

However, we are also pleased to have lounge joggers in our stock that help to further blend laziness and athleticism (well, we all need both at times!), as well as the latest highly rated and slim-fitting Melanie and Lina sweatpants from Only Play.

So, when the time next comes for you to add a few women’s joggers to your fitness wardrobe or to buy men’s joggers online encompassing both track and lounge joggers, there’s no reason to look anywhere other than the Hybryd online store.