The UK active leisure sector makes an impressive comeback since the lifting of lockdown

Can you even remember when we were all confined to our homes during the height of the pandemic lockdown restrictions of last year and early 2021? Hopefully, those times will now feel like the distant past for you, as you have once again eased into a challenging and rewarding fitness regime.

Indeed, newly released statistics suggest the UK active leisure sector has been mounting a sterling recovery in the last few months. 

So, let’s take a look at how gyms and other exercise facilities have been doing lately in their efforts to make up for lost time… and what the future could look like for them and you. 

Fitness, leisure and hospitality firms eyeing up strong growth in 2021 

One firm sign of how things have turned around for many such venues this year, is the recent set of research results published by Barclays Corporate Banking. As reported by Spa Business, it appears that leisure, fitness, spa and hospitality businesses will contribute about £3.5 billion more to UK GDP this year than they did in 2019. 

The findings are based on projected sales figures for the April to December 2021 period, when firms in these sectors have been largely open to the public again. Barclays’ data indicated that more than nine in 10 firms were now confident in their growth prospects for this year – a far cry from the bleak situation of last winter. 

Gyms and leisure centres were the likeliest to feel very confident, scoring 45% for this measure. And it’s no wonder, given the figures indicating their expectations of a 24% revenue rise this year compared to 2019 levels.  

Could we see five million more paying members at fitness venues by 2030? 

That might seem a bold claim, given that the current figures are about 10 million in total. But the industry body ukactive has conducted modelling indicating that the UK’s health clubs, swimming pools and leisure centres could see such impressive growth in active memberships over that time, provided that the Government puts the right support in place. 

Such support measures, the organisation suggested, could include VAT relief, business rates reform, health incentives, infrastructure investment, procurement reforms, and high-street regeneration that places a strong emphasis on fitness services. 

In the words of ukactive CEO Huw Edwards, “our forecasting shows that a physical activity revolution is within grasp and can happen with a growth in the partnership between the Government, its agencies, and the fitness and leisure sector. 

“As we learn to live with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, we must do more to support the resilience of our communities by ensuring every person has access to physical activity services.”

So, what can you do for now to bolster your fitness and wellbeing? 

The extent to which the above bold predictions and hopes for the future come true obviously remains to be seen. In the meantime, why not start doing the right thing for your own health and wellbeing, as well as for the UK active leisure sector, by purchasing high-quality apparel from a reputable independent fitness brand? 

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