Charlie Wells

AGE: 31

Height: 5′

Weight: 59kg

AFFILIATE:Crossfit Crayford

Why CrossFit?

I stumbled across crossfit in February 2015 when I found a 10 session deal on groupon for my local box. At the time I was fitness crazy and thought I’d try something new whilst it was cheap. I loved the loud music and the intensity of the workouts. Most of all, I liked the friendly competition between the members and the focus on pushing to be better than your previous self! 2 weeks later I entered my first open not having a clue what I was doing and by the end of the 5 weeks I was obsessed and made the decision that I wanted to compete at the highest level! I am bored very easily, crossfit keeps me interested because of the constant variation and challenge that it presents to me! Now I just want to be the best I can possibly be!

When you’re not in the box?

On the rare occasion that I’m not in my happy place I.e the box, I am a huge gymnastics fan and am still involved with the sport heavily so I will be judging at a competition or assessing level 1, 2, 3 coaches for their coaching exams. I also love to walk my dog whenever I can in the Woods.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

COFFEE, food and seeing what my coach has in store for the day! I get so excited to read my programme, I do this every morning in bed!

Favourite Quote?

You can achieve what ever you want as long as you work hard enough!
(My mum told me this since I was a little girl with dreams and I still believe it to this day)


Battle of Britain 2016 5th place
Battle of the beasts 2016 7th place
Winter Stand alone series 2016 1st place
Open 2017…43rd in Europe



Clean + Jerk – 88kg

Back Squat – 121kg

Snatch – 74kg

Dead Lift – 121kg

Max unbroken pull ups – 50
Max unbroken strict hspu’s – 28
Max unbroken bar muscle ups – 16