How can you be sure you have found the right gym shirt for your needs?

Deciding on the right T-shirt – or several – for your gym trips or cross training, might seem as straightforward a process as going with whatever is relatively lightweight and looks good in the store. But of course, anyone who has even the most cursory familiarity with working out, knows that it’s a slightly trickier […]

4 factors to consider before you buy women’s sweatpants

Sweatpants are an essential staple in many women’s wardrobes, and you might imagine this is one purchase that is relatively simple and straightforward. After all, sweatpants are broadly all the same, right?  The truth is that choosing women’s sweatpants can be a slightly trickier task than it appears to be at first glance. After all, […]

More Europeans had gym memberships during 2021 – but the cost-of-living pressures are now quickly stacking up

How has your relationship been with your local gym or fitness club lately? If your circumstances over the past few years have been anything like a lot of people’s, the chances are that it might have been a very up-and-down relationship in that period, with little sign of the situation stabilising.  This much has been […]