Helena Collins

Age : 28
Height :5ft 7/8
Weight 67kg

Affiliate : Jolly sailor crossfit

Why CrossFit?

My love of crossfit truly began after My daughter was born April 17. I always dedicated myself to playing football prior to pregnancy. After my daughter was born football had to be put aside. My love for crossfit began at mummies and Buggies class’s at jolly sailors. Here I started gradually really dedicating myself to a few sessions a week and before i knew it I found myself completely in love with the sport. I became friends with so many people which made going to sessions so much more than working out. The crossfit community at the box created a place I enjoyed going to with my daughter. Progress came and results showed I started becoming more and more committed to understanding the movements, learning the skills and improving my overall performance! Pushing myself and everyone supporting each other it’s a feeling of achievement you can’t ever replace.

When you’re not in the box?

My life is pretty simple I am running around after my toddler when I’m not at the box or working at GLL leisure and Running my nutrition planning business. I enjoy family time with my husband and daughter so any spare time from working and training is normally spent on bike rides, down the park, beach walks, eating, housework, and chilling out.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My toddler….like clockwork! It’s not even properly morning but she thinks it is! And I have no say in it!

Favourite Quote?

It may look like I’m in deep thought but 99% of the time I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat next.

Some days I amaze myself other days I put my keys in the fridge…..(this is me)


Wild West 3rd 2017
Battle of Britain 16th 2017
One and all Games 4th 2017

Warrior League 1st 2017


Front squat 100kg (x2)????
Back squat 125kg
Clean and jerk 85kg
Snatch 65kg
Deadlift 150kg