3 tips for keeping up your fitness morale while gyms remain closed

As things stand in the UK at the time of typing, there might seem plenty of reason for frustration for fitness enthusiasts; gyms’ doors have been shut since late March, with current reports largely pointing to them reopening in July at the earliest, and perhaps not even until the autumn.

Here at Hybryd, we’re still hopeful that the former will turn out to be the case rather than the latter. But what are some of the moves you can make right now to preserve the right fitness mindset, even while you are agonisingly waiting for further news about your local gym or leisure centre?

Establish a morning flow

Hopefully, you will have already set an effective morning routine into motion since lockdown started. However, getting this routine right each and every day has arguably become even more crucial at this time that can be so challenging to our fitness goals and mental health.

Whatever routine you follow, it should be one that works for you, and that you can continue doing successfully on a daily basis. You may start each day by making your bed, followed by having a cup of coffee and then working through some stretches. A low-intensity, light cardio session is probably ideal in the morning, to get you into the right mood to take on the day.

Remind yourself why you are training

Motivating yourself to train is likely to be much easier if you regularly re-evaluate precisely why it matters to you and why you are doing it.

Many exercise enthusiasts at this time, for example, might de-emphasise trying to beat personal bests, and instead use training as an opportunity to switch off from work, practise presence of mind and focus on maintaining high endorphin levels.

For you, that might involve reminding yourself of all of the things you are grateful for in life, and allowing how you approach your training to be dictated by your mood. There might be some occasions when you fancy testing yourself and ‘going in hard’, and others when you lack the drive for that, and therefore simply concentrate on enjoying more leisurely movement.

Be resourceful with what you have

Even if you have taken the opportunity during lockdown to place online orders for fitness equipment and performance apparel that you may have lacked, there might still be some significant gaps between what your gym had to offer and what you have at your disposal at home.

Now probably isn’t a good time to focus on what you don’t have or aren’t able to easily do in your current circumstances, though. Instead, consider what you do have and can do. Straightforward cardio and accessory work may be a good point of focus right now, not least for providing a sound foundation to build on once your nearest gym does finally reopen.

Whatever things you end up doing during what remains of the coronavirus lockdown, it’s worth remembering that here at Hybryd, we continue to provide a broad assortment of men’s and women’s performance apparel, with all postage to a UK address being completely free. That gives you even less excuse for shying away from your fitness ambitions, even at this unusual time.

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