Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Johnny Lyons, HYBRYD formed first on the Cornish coast as an idea in the minds of its founders: make the first brand that could withstand the relentless physical demands of CrossFit.

A lifetime athlete himself, with a long history in boxing and functional fitness, Johnny began participating in CrossFit events and quickly noticed a clear lack of UK brands that could provide the level of quality, durability and versatilitity needed for the sport.

After this, he set out on a mission to produce the best activewear in CrossFit, that would remain functional and endure the most punishing workouts the sport has to offer, whilst being able to suit even the most delicate movements of yoga; be purchased and loved by the most humble practitioners starting their journey, to the most experienced veterans of any sport, and be comfortable, versatile and stylish enough to be worn with anything, at any time.

Today, it’s safe to say the vision worked.

What started as a simple side hustle quickly became recognised amongst UK CrossFit communities as a brand that provided the level of quality needed to stand the test, and perform time and time again.

Over time, HYBRYD began to represent the same level of energy that required it to be brought into the world in the first place.

You can see HYBRYD worn in gyms across the country, by the fittest, most world-class athletes on the planet, by top-performing world champions, successful business & gym owners, legendary authors, fighters, teachers & coaches, by military and bodybuilders, down to gym bunnies who just want to look and feel great whether running their errands or attacking PRs. 

The common thread between them all is their indestructible dedication to greatness.

The first choice of high-performers all across the country, HYBRYD has solidified its position as the most dominant force in UK CrossFit and a rising name in UK activewear and fitness. 

Welcome to HYBRYD.