6 fitness and gym accessories that are essential for your workout

If you’ve long imagined to yourself that your fitness apparel doesn’t need to be anything more than a t-shirt and shorts, it’s time to think again. There are, in fact, many other essentials you must consider for your daily workout gear. 

From weightlifting belts and wrist supports to socks and gym bags, here are six fitness and gym accessories that are a must for your exercise routine. 

  1. Belts 

Lifting belts can help to enhance your performance. Take a front or back squat with an Olympic barbel – when you squat you take in a full breath of air into your belly, holding it until the end of the lift, a process called the Valsalva manoeuvre. 

This creates intra-abdominal pressure, which is what allows you to perform the lift. A belt increases this force in the abdomen, as well as stabilising the spine and core, so that you can lift heavier weights. 

  1. Wrist supports 

Although you don’t want to use wrist supports every time you train, they can give your wrists extra supports and make lifting heavy weights a little easier by improving grip strength. This allows you to actually work out the target muscles of your exercises and deadlifts. 

It is ideal to use wrist supports when you are lifting 80-90% of your repetition maximum (RM), or if you are lifting on your 1RM. Our wrist supports come in Camo or Coral, so you never have to sacrifice style for safety. 

  1. Headwear 

If you like to workout outside in the fresh air, then you will be well acquainted with the frustration that comes when the sun shines in your eyes, putting you off your performance. 

Whether you want to keep the sun out of your eyes, or you simply don’t want to have to do your hair before heading to the gym, a baseball cap or snapback might be an essential item for your workout. 

  1. Socks 

Making sure you have the right socks for your exercise routine is often overlooked, but it plays a huge part in maintaining healthy feet so that you can continue to workout day after day. 

Socks that are too loose, too tight, or the wrong material can cause uncomfortable friction that can lead to blisters, sores, and foot fungus. Instead, choose high-quality socks that have a snug fit, and that are made from a breathable and sweat-resistant fabric. 

  1. Underwear 

Choosing the right underwear is another thing that gets massively overlooked but can make all the difference to your comfort and performance. For men, choose a close-fitting boxer short made out of a breathable fabric that will help you stay dry and provide extra support. 

For women, finding the right sports bra can be an arduous task. However, you can check out our quick guide to choosing the perfect sports bra for more detailed help. 

  1. Bags 

Finally, it is essential to have the right gym bags to carry your other essential workout accessories to and from the gym. Our range of gym bags includes kitbags, military backpacks, and TAC backpacks in a range of designs to suit every need and style. 

To shop for all of these essential fitness and gym accessories and much more, browse the Hybryd online store for the best in men’s and women’s exercise apparel. Even better, we offer free delivery to UK addresses, too. 

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