Calling all men: we’ve got you covered for cross training shorts

Cross training shorts have undergone quite the style evolution in recent years. As recently as the early 2000s, men were largely limited to two broad types of training shorts. 

They could opt for old-school cotton short shorts or sweatpants, or instead wear the then-popular – although not greatly comfortable – basketball-inspired gear with its extensive use of mesh and bedazzled material. 

Nowadays, there’s much more refinement evident across the various designs of men’s shorts for cross training, with designers and manufacturers bearing closely in mind the need for exceptional style, comfort and performance. That’s why you might turn to an independent fitness brand like Hybryd for your own next pair of cross training shorts. 

What do you need from your cross training gear? 

With the high-octane workouts involved in cross training encompassing sprints, climbs, jumps and more, it really is crucial to ensure your chosen shorts for the task work as hard as you do. 

That’ll include ensuring they sport lightweight fabric to wick away sweat amid all of those squats and lunges, as well as a waistband that gives you breathing room as you get those muscles moving. The all-round fit needs to look and feel just right, too. 

You’ve got great options for men’s cross training shorts at Hybryd 

We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of men’s shorts for cross training. These include the likes of our Firestorm shorts with their four-way stretch material, quick dry fabric and full wrap around elastic band, and Rebel XPerformance shorts that incorporate a boardshort tie waistband with Velcro fly.

Among the other strong sellers in our men’s cross training short range are the Firewire short, which is an inch shorter than the Rebel X short but otherwise offers many of the same advantages, and the Lounge short, which – as its name suggests – is a much more casual offering. The latter effectively combines sweatpants and board shorts, in fact, and when comfort is a major priority for you, these can be great shorts to go for. 

We’re committed to serving your gym wear requirements 

With men’s shorts for cross training being far from our only area of specialism in the Hybryd online store, when you’re in need of performance-focused, wearable and durable fitness clothing of all types and forms, you really don’t need to look to any other brand. 

All postage of our workout clothes is even free within the UK, which should make it even easier for you to keep up with your commitments to both looking and feeling good, well through the winter and beyond. 

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