How can runners get into cross training amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Another day in lockdown UK means another day of having to base your fitness and exercise priorities around quite stringent rules on what we can do with our lives. 

Of course, you can’t control the latest restrictions that will dictate whether you can even go to your local gym or leisure centre. What you can do, though, is develop an exercise regime consisting of a range of training routines to target different aspects of your fitness. 

Let’s imagine, for instance, that running largely dominates your current workout activities. This would be understandable given the current circumstances, and of course, running tests you by requiring you to constantly work your legs and arms. 

However, the trick to becoming the fastest and strongest runner you can be doesn’t just amount to adding more miles over time. This is where cross training can prove its worth; it’s an approach to training that embraces multiple routines so that you can achieve better all-round fitness. 

So, what practical steps should you take? 

One key priority for anyone looking to get into cross training will naturally be ensuring they have the right gear. We can help you with that at Hybryd; whether you find that you just need a few extra high performance cross training tees, or you could do with a new bag or other accessories, we can deliver them to your home so that you don’t even need to venture into a physical store.  

As for the specific cross training workouts you choose, that obviously depends greatly on what you’re aiming to achieve with your exercise regime. 

Much of the beauty of cross training lies in its flexibility with regard to exactly what you do. Someone who is squarely interested in losing weight, for instance, is unlikely to follow exactly the same workouts as a person training for a competition. 

Whatever your own objectives are, the scope to switch things up with your cross training routine enables you to avoid that exercise-related boredom. 

What workouts lend themselves well to cross training? 

If you’re already running at this time when government rules might seem to prevent us from doing much else outdoors, you may be especially interested in activities that would obviously aid your running in some way. 

You might consider taking up yoga, for example, to enhance your flexibility and conditioning, tennis as a hard cardio workout, or cycling due to how it could help boost post-exercise recovery. But there are also some slightly less ‘typical’ workout activities it might still be feasible enough for you to try even amid the current restrictions, such as rollerblading or even walking the dog. 

All of these activities naturally come with certain risks as well, so it’s crucial to keep yourself well-informed on the implications each one could have for your health and fitness. 

There’s a lot of potential to really make your cross training regime your own, so you shouldn’t overlook the possibilities if your fitness efforts are still restricted to running at this present time. And for the very best in high performance cross training tees, shorts, joggers and so much more, there’s no need to look any further than the Hybryd online store. 

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