How can you be sure you’ve chosen the right women’s workout leggings?

There’s never really a “bad time” for any woman to shape up. Indeed, amid the recent coronavirus lockdowns that have left many of us largely restricted to our homes, maintaining a strong fitness regime might have become even more important this year. 

However, to get the best out of your training, you’re likely to appreciate having a great pair of leggings – or several. But if you’re only just looking for women’s workout leggings for the first time, what features and qualities should they have? 

In essence, the “right” leggings should look stylish while still affording you the fluid range of motion you need to exercise both strenuously and comfortably. So, here are some of our favourite tips to ensure you purchase the most suitable pair. 

Go for a snug but easy fit

When perusing the women’s workout leggings across our online store here at Hybryd, it’s easy to pick out the size that works best for you.  

Particularly crucial, however, is how your leggings actually feel when you come to wear them. You will want them to feel as though they are clinging to your body, but still sufficiently stretchy to avoid tearing easily. 

See how easily you can squat in them  

As squatting could become a standard part of your workout routine, you naturally don’t want your chosen leggings to rip as you lower your torso. However, putting your leggings through a squat test can also potentially expose other issues with them.     

Alas, you could be the one feeling exposed if the material looks transparent as it stretches. So, try squatting in your leggings near a mirror in a well-lit room, to discern whether they have this particular problem before you go anywhere near a gym or yoga studio. 

Consider investing in leggings that include pockets 

Fortunately, pockets are de rigueur on many leggings these days. Our own Fitness Leggings, for instance, incorporate a hidden key pocket in the front, providing convenience without compromising their slick look and feel against the skin. 

And you can probably well imagine the convenience of having somewhere to slip your keys into before embarking on a bracing morning run! 

Choose a design you genuinely like

Once you’ve sorted out which leggings should meet your practical needs, you can think about which leggings would also look good on you when you’re out and about. 

After all, it’s a while now since leggings were merely utilitarian items – in the age of ‘athleisure’, they have practically become a fashion trend in their own right. 

Sure enough, the Hybryd online store stocks women’s workout leggings in a broad assortment of continually updated styles and colours, to make it a straightforward process to select just the look you want. 

Add to this the free UK delivery we provide on all orders, and you can probably easily see why Hybryd is such a go-to source of women’s workout leggings for customers up and down the UK – and beyond! 

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