How to keep your fitness regime ‘COVID-safe’ during lockdown 3.0

With England currently in the midst of a strict lockdown that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said will last until at least 8th March, and similar restrictions in place across the other UK nations, you might have never had more time to get started with a fitness regime. The real question, however, is whether you have everything you need for it. 

Working out regularly makes a lot of sense at the moment, especially given research findings that it could help support your immunity against health risks like COVID-19. 

However, at a time when gyms and leisure centres up and down the country are closed, how can you exercise in a ‘COVID-proof’ fashion? 

Find a suitable space in which to exercise 

While England’s current lockdown rules allow residents to leave their home for exercise purposes once a day, the bulk of your own exercising may need to be done indoors. That’s why you should look for a suitable space in your home where you can work out with minimal distractions. 

A garage could be a good candidate for that space, and give you enough room for large equipment such as a treadmill or weight rack. A basement might prove similarly useful, although a low ceiling could impede certain moves, like jumping jacks. 

Decide how to motivate yourself

Your motivation may occasionally falter when you hit rough patches in your fitness mission. However, there are various measures you can take to counter that – such as putting in place a full-length mirror to make it easier to see whether you are getting your exercise movements right.

Before you start working out, you might even decide to give your exercise room a splash of uplifting colour. Or you might display an artwork or inspiring quote for those times when you need a little nudge but there isn’t anyone else in the house to provide it.

Invest in workout-friendly clothing 

Yes, there’s probably no shortage of clothing in your wardrobe – but there may be little attire that is made specifically as exercise wear, unlike the workout clothing available to buy from our online store here at Hybryd. We can speedily deliver these pieces for you to wear in your home gym, and which will aid you in achieving your best performance.

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