How to pick out the perfect women’s workout top

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic or have been spurred by the restrictions of lockdown into signing up for Zoom exercise classes and investing in a workout bag, the hoped-for, looming reopening of gyms and health clubs around England might feel like a new beginning for you.

That does leave the question, however, of whether you’ve got the right gear for embracing the new dawn. Certainly, a good workout top is something of an essential – but what should you be looking for in such an acquisition for your training wardrobe?

Pay close attention to the fundamentals when choosing a top

Whether you ultimately opt for a T-shirt or more of a vest as your next workout top – or for that matter, treat yourself to one or more of both – it may be the simplest things that you most easily overlook or underrate when on the lookout for such an item.

One good rule of thumb, for instance, is to ensure your chosen workout top is short-sleeved, in addition to avoiding any other unnecessary layers of fabric that will make you sweatier than you need to be.

The best workout tops for women also tend to be those that avoid fancy gimmicks that might simply feel like a hassle after an hour or two’s exercise. Instead, look for a top that consists of breathable and comfortable material, and that will fit well without being too ‘clingy’.

What options are available right now from Hybryd?

As an independent fitness brand based in the UK, here at Hybryd, we’re all about catering to the aforementioned fundamentals when it comes to our workout tops for women. We place the emphasis on durability, design and good value, instead of incorporating into our tops all manner of fussy ‘extras’ that you just won’t need when you’re busy pushing your physical limits.

Our T-shirts, for example, come in a variety of both flattering and functional designs, including the Delta with its slouchy fit, long cut and extended shoulders, and the Flowy Muscle T, which combines beautiful soft fabric with a relaxed draped fit, rolled cuff and hi low raw bottom hem.

Or why not discover a new favourite in our range of women’s workout vests? The Bestfriend Tank is certainly one we have a fondness for, its high neck, slash arm holes and raw edge detail making for a purposeful look and feel. But we can also offer the likes of the 89 Vest that takes the form of a scoop sleeve muscle tank, its light fabric allowing for a slight stretch, and the Knot Vest. The latter’s sweat-wicking fabric and knot detail design at the back will help to keep you cool, comfortable and agile.

If you have concerns or questions about any of our workout tops for women as you seek to determine the right one for your needs, you’re welcome to contact the Hybryd team directly before purchasing. We’ll help to put your mind at rest, including by delivering for free if you are in the UK, so that you can focus squarely on getting the best out of your fitness pursuits in the months ahead.

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