How to sneak more exercise into your busy days

For many of today’s working people, there rarely seems to be enough time in the day to go to work and get everything else done at home, never mind finding time to fit in a workout too. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to be resigned to not keeping up an effective fitness regime at all. Below, our team at Hybryd has compiled a list of tips that will help you sneak more exercise into even the most hectic days of the week. 

Workout clothing isn’t just for the gym

Whether you work from home or from the office, there are many workout clothing options that are suitable for modern office dress codes. If your office has a much stricter dress code or a uniform, you might choose to wear your workout clothing, such as a sports bra and shorts, underneath your work clothes. 

This means that as soon as the end of the day comes, you will already be dressed in your workout attire, and ready to go without wasting any precious time getting changed. It also gives you fewer excuses to skip your exercise! 

Incorporate exercise into your workday 

When your job involves a lot of being on your feet, why not incorporate exercise into your workday? Invest in a smartwatch, fitness app, or step counter that can track how much exercise you already do during the day. 

If you work behind a desk, you can still incorporate exercise into your workday. Try sitting on an exercise ball or standing up instead of sitting in an office chair. 

Take your workout outside 

Do you have to commute to get to work? Instead of taking the bus, train, or driving your car, take up cycling, jogging, or even walking to and from work. 

Sometimes, the best way to increase motivation towards your workout is a change of scenery. So, why not take it outside without using up any extra time during your day? 

Use your dog as your exercise buddy 

When you have a dog that needs walking every day, use this time as your daily exercise. Take them on a long, brisk walk or a jog, or even run alongside them, using your dog as your exercise buddy. 

Housework is exercise too 

Exercise doesn’t have to be a set workout, fitness regime, or specific exercises – housework is a form of exercise as well. So, instead of putting off those odd jobs around the house, put on your workout clothing and your favourite songs, and get cracking. 

Mow the lawn, put in the laundry, sweep, and mop the floors, whatever you need to do. Not only can this be less tedious for those who don’t like going to the gym, but it is also productive! 

Whatever you do, remember to listen to your body. If you have ‘lazy days’ or ‘cheat days’, that’s okay. Some days you will be able to do more than others or have more time to really push yourself to the max. 

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