It’s easier to find the right fitness shorts when you turn to Hybryd

The task of choosing the most suitable shorts for your workouts can be a little trickier in practice than you might initially expect. After all, shorts are never ‘just’ shorts when it comes to such pursuits as cross training; we all have different ideas about what makes for a great pair of shorts, not least due to our different preferences when it comes to such matters as length, fit and style.

Thankfully, our broad selection of shorts for both men and women makes this stage of putting together your fitness wardrobe a little more straightforward. In fact, we reckon that somewhere in our range, there are athletic shorts you’ll utterly fall in love with.

Ladies, allow us to make your highest exercise goals achievable

When you take a look at our current complement of women’s cross training shorts, your eye is likely to be especially caught by the variety of patterns and styles that are presently available for our Valhalla Booty Short. Whether you most like the idea of a 3D design, stripes, flowers or something completely different on your choice of shorts, you’ll be well-sorted with Hybryd!

But of course, we also haven’t overlooked that your principal reason for purchasing athletic shorts isn’t to merely look good – it’s to assist you in your pursuit of your fitness goals. That’s why our Valhalla shorts also boast the likes of 360-degree super stretch fabric and flat-lock seams to help to ensure the very greatest comfort as you’re pushing yourself to your physical limits.

Besides the Valhalla, though, we can also offer ladies the likes of our Patriot Hex Short, Patriot Grapper Short and R1 Fitness Short – all of which incorporate all manner of great little touches for keeping you going harder and faster for longer, while still looking and feeling good.

But it’s not just women that we cater for

Alternatively, are you looking for the ideal men’s shorts for cross training? Well in that case, you’re again in luck. For men, we can presently offer both the Rebel X Short and HyTeck Short, which bring such advantages to your workout as enhanced comfort thanks to the four-way stretch material, and quick drying so that you can continue feeling great as you beat personal best after personal best.

We could go on and on, but we suspect you get the idea by now – when it comes to fitness shorts that deliver the utmost in both performance and style, there’s no need to source yours from anywhere other than Hybryd.

With free UK shipping also available on all orders, you won’t have to pay an unreasonable cost for such industry-leading apparel, either!


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