What should you wear if you want to take up running in 2021?

With leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools across the UK having recently closed en masse once more amid the latest lockdown restrictions, it begs the question of how exactly you are supposed to keep up your exercise regime. 

Taking up running could be one option to tide you over until those facilities eventually reopen. Running is a highly lockdown-proof form of exercise, as it requires very little specialist equipment – although you should be careful about what athletic attire you wear for the task. 

So, what clothes do you need if you’re serious about getting into running this year? 

The right shorts

While the elastane in our women’s Hybryd R1 fitness shorts makes them nicely stretchy for a comfortable fit, these shorts mainly comprise polyester, which is renowned for its moisture-wicking ability. This allows ladies to wear these shorts to help keep uncomfortable sweat at bay. 

Men, meanwhile, may feel drawn towards our Hybryd Firestorm shorts, where the elastic band includes a hidden draw cord for preventing shorts from slipping – as can happen especially often to those of us who aren’t afraid to run in wet weather.

A suitably sporty shirt

Although it’d be fine for you to wear ordinary cotton garments when warming up for a run or recovering from one, you should – for the run proper – jettison them for a sport-friendly top.

We stock a generous supply of both women’s and men’s training tops. Notably, they comfortably outclass standard cotton tops in repelling sweat or rain that could otherwise be absorbed by the shirt and consequently weigh you down as you run.  

For the ladies – a good sports bra 

One just for the women: your running kit should include a well-fitting sports bra. Without this particular piece of attire, you may too easily feel your chest uncomfortably bouncing – and as a result, distracting you – as you run. 

A good sports bra can also be useful for preventing you from irreversibly stretching the ligaments that hold up your breast tissue and keep your breasts perky. 

Sure enough, here at the Hybryd online store, we stock an extensive selection of sports bras that both look and feel good, incorporating touches like cool styling and sweat-wicking, quick-dry fabric – all the better for allowing you to focus squarely on your run. 

Whichever of the above clothing items you determine you need for your running exploits, remember that you can still order running gear from us at a time when many brick-and-mortar sportswear shops are shut – and we offer free delivery of orders within the UK.

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