Will you stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution this year?

Every year come New Year’s Day, it seems we are all guilty of making resolutions on a whim that we end up giving up on. This is especially the case with the extremely popular fitness-related resolutions. Whether someone decides to start a gym membership or simply aspires to lose a few pounds, it can be hard to keep summing up motivation after the initial determination wears off.

In 2021, it may end up being especially easy for many of us to back out of a fitness New Year resolution. We don’t know when our lives will be entirely ‘back to normal’, and that just adds to the stress all of us are feeling at the moment.

So, this year, you might give these tips a go to help you commit to your fitness New Year’s resolution in the long run.

Treat yourself

Sometimes, a little treat can help you to feel more inspired to keep going. As we are talking about fitness, try to stay away from your treat being food-related.

Instead, why not treat yourself to some new workout clothing? You could get yourself a small item of workout clothing, such as a vest, sports bra or joggers, whenever you achieve a personal goal. Or you could purchase the item first so that you know you need to exercise in order to make it worth it.

Set multiple smaller and achievable goals

Rather than making one big resolution, break it down into smaller goals. For example, maybe you want to be able to run 10 kilometres. Instead, start with a one-kilometre goal and aim to increase your distance by a further kilometre every month. By making your goals realistic and achievable, you are less likely to give up.

Reward yourself when you hit each goal. Maybe you could do this by purchasing new workout clothing, tracking your personal wins, or even buying yourself a cheap plastic medal? Recognise how far you’ve come and don’t afraid to be proud.

Invest in yourself

Take the time to focus on yourself. Learn about your body – what it can do, what it needs, and what its strengths are. A long-term commitment like a resolution takes drive, so you need to take the time to really invest yourself in this personal development.

As well as investing personally, you could invest financially. Join a gym with a friend so you have no choice but to go with your accountability partner. Buy the right equipment you need, so that you stay safe when you are working out. Obtaining workout clothing that fits comfortably, supports a wide range of motion and flatters your present physique can also give you a huge boost in confidence.

However, finding the most suitable workout gear for you can be difficult. This is why our team at Hybryd has brought together a distinctive range of functional fitness apparel and training accessories, all in one place.

So, when you make your New Year’s resolution this year, why not treat yourself to Hybrid performance apparel and receive free UK shipping on your order

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