How can you actually fulfil your fitness resolution this coming New Year?

It is a tale as old as time: the turkey has been eaten, the wine has been enjoyed, and the box of chocolates is finally starting to run out. New Year is on the horizon, and you are making a solemn vow to yourself: this New Year is the year you will get fit, look fabulous, and transform your workout routine. 

If you are struggling for motivation, getting hold of the right performance apparel can be a helpful starting point. So, we have put together a guide to the key items you are likely to need. 

  • A good pair of trainers

Whether you are planning to hit the gym, or get started with a running routine, a good pair of supportive trainers will be among the most important pieces of workout items to add to your wardrobe. If possible, go to a professional running shop and have your pace analysed – getting the right fit will be crucial for avoiding injury.

  • Comfortable, supportive leggings

The next key thing to invest in is a pair of supportive leggings – and this is one area where spending more can really reap dividends. Aim for leggings that are comfortable and supportive, that you can move easily in – and that don’t go see-through when you are performing squats!

  • A good sports bra

For women, a quality, supportive sports bra is another essential – without the right support, your workout will be uncomfortable, and this is likely to put you off future exercise. Make sure the bra that you choose has a good fit, and isn’t too tight or too loose. 

  • A tough, practical, and dedicated bag 

Whatever performance apparel you invest in for the New Year, it is likely to give you a mental boost if you also invest in a bag that looks the part, can stand up to whatever punishment it is subjected to at the gym or leisure centre, and has all the practical compartments to contain all those awkward items. Something like our own Hybryd Camo Kitbag or Military Backpack could be just the thing. 

Final thoughts

Getting fit is a noble aspiration, but the process of getting started can often be a challenge. By investing in tough, practical, and quality performance apparel, you will help to enhance your workouts and make fitness pursuits feel that bit more genuinely enjoyable. That, in turn, will help put in place the right foundations for a successful tilt at your New Year resolution.