Are there ways to feel less self-conscious when exercising?

The other day, we saw a rather depressing statistic, as cited by Stylist; almost seven in 10 (68%) Brits who don’t exercise feel too embarrassed to go to the gym, due to a feeling that they don’t fit the mould of a “typical” exerciser. 

As saddening as that is, though, it does underline that as a society, we aren’t doing enough to tackle the embarrassment many people feel about exercise that could make us feel and perform better, and that could even save our lives. 

So, for today’s blog post at Hybryd, we thought we would seek to cut through some of that embarrassment. To do that, we’re putting the spotlight on just a few tips you can follow to help make you feel less self-conscious about your body when engaged in fitness activities. 

Remember that you are hardly alone

The fact is, even people with seemingly immaculately toned bodies routinely feel self-conscious and insecure about themselves. And of course, regardless of what “stage” of fitness each given person is at, they are all there for the same reason: to partake in exercise and get fit. 

So, always bear that in mind. The likelihood is that everyone at the gym will be far too busy concentrating on their own bodies and exercise activities, to be looking at and judging you. 

Indeed, informal polls have suggested that when many gym users see someone who is “overweight” or “out of shape” turn up, they often actually think positive things, such as “way to go!” or “good for you!” So, it’s important to not get hung up on the idea that anyone at the gym will be thinking anything negative of you (unless you have been acting rudely towards other gym users, of course). 

Buddy up with a trusted friend, family member, or colleague 

Perhaps you’ve been talking to someone close to you about certain exercises you have been interested in getting into, and maybe they have suggested joining you? That could entail going to the gym together, or it might involve something slightly less formal, such as doing a deskside workout with a co-worker, or even walking in the park together with your kids. 

Whatever – the key principle to remember here is that you will likely feel a lot less self-conscious when exercising if you do it with someone else (partly because quality time catching up with a friend or relative can be a great way to “forget yourself” and just enjoy the process). 

Put your headphones in… and block out the wider world

While we’re on the subject of “forgetting yourself”, distracting yourself with something pleasant during exercise can be a great “cure” in general for self-consciousness. This can enable you to push through your self-consciousness and overcome it more easily, which can be a healthier approach than simply avoiding situations (such as going to the gym) that bring on those bodily insecurities. 

An obvious example of this approach would be putting together a playlist of your favourite music, or even teeing up the latest episode of a fascinating podcast, before putting your headphones in, and getting on with your workout. You’ll soon be engrossed enough to forget you’re even sharing a room with other people. 

Treat yourself to gym wear you’ll actually feel confident in 

It’s easy to think that practicality is the only thing that needs to be considered when it comes to workout clothing – but the aesthetic aspect is hardly something to be overlooked, either. You deserve to have a wardrobe of fitness clothing that you will genuinely look forward to wearing on your trips to the gym, leisure centre, or similar facility. 

With all that in mind, you might wish to buy gym wear online from a store that serves up no shortage of such items, encompassing all the key categories like vests, t-shirts, joggers, and many more. We are proud here at Hybryd to be able to offer this, with items that look stylish at the same time as supporting the wearer’s fitness goals from a comfort and practicality standpoint. 

The fact that all postage of Hybryd in-stock items to UK addresses is free, might give you even more reason to help yourself to a few new favourites. So, why wait any longer to give yourself that confidence boost for your upcoming gym visits?